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CHICAGO, Mar. 14, 2019 -- Howard Radio Company debuted its Green Diamond radio at mHUB's 2019 Product Showcase & Demo Day.  With over 2,000 attendees including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the event featured over 30 companies focused on fostering manufacturing and innovation in Chicago.

The Green Diamond is an AM/FM/Bluetooth radio based on one of Howard's 1937 models.  Like it's predecessor, the Green Diamond is constructed by hand of the finest materials.  The interface is reminiscent of radios from the past century, with a back-lit black dial, a green "tuning eye" and mechanical knobs to control volume, mode, and tuning.

Inside the solid hardwood cabinet, the Green Diamond's proprietary electronics are state of the art.  It features a booming 3" driver powered by a 15-watt amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity, and cutting edge radio electronics to pull in stations from both near and far. 

The Green Diamond will be available for sale later in 2019.

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Howard Radio Company was America's oldest radio manufacturer.  Today, we are building on Howard's rich history to make quality radios, handcrafted in Chicago.  For more information, visit